We’re all in this together

“30 years is a long time and some of our processes are unchanged.  At a time of major change I have to believe that we can do better; what do our clients need; what do we need; how can we do this?”

Michael Leather, June 2020

The firm has always been innovative in its approach; now we are extending this approach to the entire Leathers’ team.  This week the firm launches a new initiative to engage and give ownership to all members of staff in the growth and development of the business.  Everyone will now have a dedicated time, provided by the firm, to put their pens and calculators down and focus attentions to business development activities.  It’s a challenge to the working norm; a step change in our mindset on what our ‘day job’ looks like.  A time to redefine ourselves and really put some weight behind the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’. 

Going forward staff are being encouraged to perform any element of business development during the middle of each week. Critically we are asking staff to be honest in their findings; opinions are there to be heard and the importance of the exercise is not being underestimated.

Anything is fair game here, there is no restrictive list; all ideas are welcomed, and all initiatives encouraged. The key is this is the time to make a difference. The future of the firm is in the hands of us all; now is the time to do what interests us, what excites us and what we can build a foundation on for us all to really take ownership of. So, if you’ve always wanted an office where you can zip line to your desk, now’s the time to step forward.

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