Vicky Baker Audit & Training Director

Vicky oversees all audit work at Leathers as head of its specialist team, which acts for clients across the UK on their audit processes and compliance. The growing department handles the audits of clients from a variety of sectors, encompassing major businesses and SMEs.  

She joined Leathers in 2016, having spent her career since qualification in the audit departments of two major national accountancy firms. Vicky has significant experience in handling complex and highly technical matters and is highly esteemed for her work.  She works closely with the tax department, advising on the accounting and technical aspects of projects.

Vicky also supervises the training of junior members of staff at Leathers, a firm which regularly employs graduates and apprentices to help build their careers. She oversees the completion of their training contracts and is committed to supporting them at every stage of their development.

Vicky can help you with:

  • Statutory audits
  • Financial reporting
  • Other assurance work
  • Technical updates

something different

How did you come to join the Leathers team?
I have a young family and was looking for an opportunity in a firm where I could balance my career and home life and the role came up at Leathers.  I went for the interview and was really impressed by the team and the support that they could offer.  I joined the team in 2016 and I’m now a key member of the department and firm, and still manage to get home in time for school pick up!

What makes Leathers such a great place to be a part of?
Leathers is a small team, but every member of that team brings something unique and valuable to the firm.  For its size, the skill set is more akin to a large practice and the work that we do is both interesting and challenging.  I think the fact that everyone can play a part in that team is what makes Leathers so special.

Aside from number crunching, what do you see as key to accountancy?
Accounting can get very complicated very quickly, even in the smallest of businesses, and this can sometimes have a big impact on the results in the accounts.  Being able to explain this to people in a practical and useful sense is often our key deliverable at the end of the job. 

What skills from outside accountancy do you apply to your job?
Every day is different and often there are multiple things going on at once.  The ability to multitask and keep a calm head under pressure is therefore an essential skill.  My current homelife of two children aged 5 and under means that is my role pretty much 24/7, so I get plenty of practice!

If you hadn’t worked in finance, what might you have done?
I’m a planner so I’d always aimed to be working in finance… Probably something more practical or a teacher.

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