Ryan Harrison Tax Partner

“Make the most of your colleagues' experiences and knowledge, problems are best solved together”

Ryan heads our private client team and handles the whole spectrum of private client tax matters, acting for clients across the UK and internationally.

A Chartered Tax Advisor, he advises clients in relation to all aspects of their personal tax affairs, particularly high net worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs.

Having been part of the Leathers team for over 14 years, Ryan has established a broad network of clients and professional advisors in the North East and London and is now based in Yorkshire to spearhead the development of the firm there.

Ryan will be happy to talk with you about:

  • Personal tax
  • Capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning
  • Tax planning for UK non-residents and non-domiciles
  • Trusts and estates

something different

How have you put up with Michael for so long? 
How does he put up with me more like! In all seriousness, I think we share a common interest in providing clear and considered tax advice. As a wider team, we work together closely on various projects and this allows us all to develop excellent relationships. I went to the interview with no expectations and 14 years later I’m still here…

What has been your proudest moment at Leathers? 
Although it does feel like some time ago now, I was very proud to receive the President’s Award in completing the ATT tax exams. I’ve even kept the June 2008 edition of Tax Adviser to pass down the family!

What makes you such a strong team unit? 
The size of the team certainly helps. We have a very open office and encourage group discussions! There’s also a few wannabe comedians that try to keep us all entertained…

How do you approach tax problems? 
Two key points I’ve learnt in my time here:

The tax legislation is there for a reason and should never be overlooked when solving problems.

Make the most of your colleagues' experiences and knowledge, problems are best solved together.

How do you find is the best way to break things down for clients? 
I’m a huge fan of PowerPoint (although I can’t profess to be a computer whizz). I try to keep things simple where possible and nothing can beat a good PowerPoint with diagrams.

A favourite quote to live by? 
Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain! This quote was written on our bedroom wall when we moved into our house and then poignantly reappeared on a hospital wall two years later during an unexpected hospital visit.

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