Jonathan Carr Tax Advisor

Jonathan is part of our tax team and has built a reputation for his work in providing advice to both private clients and businesses. 

Having been with Leathers since 2013, Jonathan has become well-known for his work, particularly with regard to personal tax planning. He works closely with our specialist private client team and handles matters across the UK and internationally.

Jonathan’s wide-ranging experience means he is also able to advise our entrepreneur and business clients on an array of matters, including corporation tax, VAT and payroll.

Speak to Jonathan about:

  • Personal tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Payroll
  • Corporation tax

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How did you come to join the Leathers team?
I came to join the Leathers team as a graduate after I had finished a degree in Maths at Bristol University. I am originally from the North East and was looking to apply myself practically in the professional world. I was grateful for the opportunity provided by Leathers to start a career in tax and have been grateful ever since for the positive and challenging work environment they have provided.

What has been your proudest moment at Leathers?
It maybe doesn’t qualify as a proudest moment but what I have been most proud of is progressing from no tax background to being a chartered tax adviser and enjoying my day to day work in a field which I knew little about before I joined Leathers. This is very much a reflection of Leathers as a firm and is a consequence of the high standards we set for the work we undertake and the passion for our work which is demonstrated on a daily basis.

Aside from “number crunching”, what do you see as key to accountancy / the tax profession?
More so than number crunching, the key to the accountancy and tax profession is helping our clients understand the accountancy and tax issues affecting them. The intricacies of accountancy and tax are many – which is why we are here – and it is important our clients are able to understand the issues affecting them such that they are able to make informed decisions in respect of all matters which affect their affairs.

What do you consider as the biggest challenge in accountancy / the tax profession?
Change. We need to be constantly on top of changes introduced by HMRC and the government and be able to quickly quantify the effect for our clients. Unfortunately the goalposts keep being moved (when it is not always clear why) but luckily we do adopt a proactive approach and are more than capable are handling changes as they arise.

If you hadn’t worked in finance, what might you have done?
Professional footballer. Unfortunately, a lack of any ability really held back my career.

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