London to Paris - Stage 2

An early start...and a late finish (at the bar)

Day 2 sees our fearless foursome (plus friends old and new as pictured) enjoying a day cycling through the French countryside. Another 75 miles done from Calais to Abbeville.  Are they enjoying it too much?  Read Barry's report below and donate at:

"So, to day 2. When the itinerary says “Breakfast at 7,bags on the van at 8”, what time would you set your alarm for?? That’s right,7am....not, 6.20am! Zoe and Heather will learn.....

 A cold, windy, cloudy morning greeted us in Calais. Everyone layered up for an expected “English” day in the saddle.  However, it turned out to be one of the most perfect days riding you could wish for.  Rolling terrain, amazing landscapes, tailwinds, a bit of sun, quaint villages. It’s what cycling is all about. We managed a massively impressive 14mph average, the 6 of us for the most part supporting each other the whole way (see below for the exceptions).

 Talking points from today:

  • The gravel climb and descent was pretty hairy, not that Heather cared like, it was either sheer bravery or naivety but she beasted it.
  •  It was decided that because we’re so fast (and because Barry is such a killjoy wanting to “crack on”, and because we drank too much at the evening meal, see below) that tomorrow will be the “sightseeing leg”.....
  •  Shout out to the honorary 7th member of the crew, Gaetano, or “Tony” as he’s more colloquially known. A North London boy, and bona-fide nice bloke, who’s overcame a sheared bolt in his SRAM Red Etap to join the best club in town. 

 The last 10 miles from the feed station were absolutely nailed. Nature called for Joe, but we all made it back in plenty of time for a nice relaxing drink in the sun. 

 We made lots of friends tonight. Special mention for Connor, from South Wales, he lives up a mountain, he averaged 17.3mph today, he has 4 brothers and two sisters, he wants to be a police officer, he’s had his heart broken, he works in McDonalds, he had 5 pints (we didn’t buy them), he’s also 17 years old. What a lovely lad. No filter, none needed, no battle scars! He’s challenged us to be at the “Tete de la Course” tomorrow. I mean, we would, but the 17 year old has powers of recovery that we don’t! 

 In summary, a fantastic day, looking forward to tomorrow."

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