Le Loop 2018 - Stage 2: Mouilleron-Saint-Germain - La Roche-Sur-Yon

On the map you would have thought this was a circle day; a chance of headwind and tailwind and any sort of wind; I think ironically any wind would have been welcome to break up the heat (but certainly it was more manageable today).

I love the Tour I have said before that each stage tells it’s own story, each stage has it’s own little surprises, the route profile lures you in, often telling you the story you’d like to hear, lulling the viewer in the same way a “soap” on TV leaves you hanging but on a daily basis....

I have no doubt that this year is no different. Stage 1 was flat, literally pan flat and hard; today and the way the profile picture was set was flat with a bit of a climb to start and almost downhill to the finish.... my garmin profile would beg to differ... it was Tour flat with climb after climb after climb.... you get the picture... nothing long or high or steep simply relentless. And all of that it might be but in places beautiful with that... the villages already dressed for the Tour, children cheering you on (practising for next weekend), the churches with their steeples and Tour banners, bales of hay converted into straw bikes..... a good day on the whole.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms predicted tomorrow- reminds me not to complain too hard!!!

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