Le Loop 2018 - Stage 9: Arras - Roubaix

The cobbles, the cobbles...... perhaps I was fortunate (though that might be the wrong description) but I rode the cobbles in 2015 and my over-riding memory remains “that was fun”!

So on a day when others checked tyre pressures, changed tyres, added foam to their bars I simply got on my bike and rode it.... yes there are moments you think the bike and wheels will collapse beneath you, moments where you think hands will bounce of the bars and you’ll lose control..... but a broadly flat stage with some cobbles thrown in.

Oh and please don’t think the cobbles were plain sailing; they weren’t!!

But a day also to reflect: random red poppies, some solitary against a backdrop of wheat, occasional signs to war memorials, moments of recognition as you see house and streets straight from the TV coverage of Paris-Roubaix, a change in architecture- brick, lots of brick.... sometimes you have a chance to absorb the Tour in ways you don’t imagine!

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