Le Loop 2018 - Stage 7: Fougeres - Chartres

A tour transitional stage; and aside from the 233km ridden in the day; the biggest shock was phoning the UK post stage to be told it was a Friday - how did that happen??

One of those more difficult transfer days; a two hour morning transfer to start riding a transitional Tour stage; long open roads (many of them main roads) - but a day when the spirit can be lifted as people group together to get each other through the day... tour banter, in the midst of discussion over how many more climbing metres, over how long to next feed stop.

The Cathedral at Chartres looked resplendent in the evening sun and so different (architecturally and obviously functionally) from the hilltop castle at Fougeres.

But a day that left a certain sense of satisfaction.. as an achievement in itself and as ever as part of the relentless move across the North of France.... the cobbles, the cobbles.....

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