Zoë Lawson Audit & Accounts Manager

Zoë leads our accounts and audit team, developing close relationships with a wide range of clients in relation to all aspects of their accounting affairs.

A Chartered Certified Accountant, Zoë has extensive experience in advising start-ups, business owners, corporate groups and high net worth individuals on accounting matters, which include the management of businesses, investments, properties and private wealth.

Zoë works closely with our corporate and private client tax teams to ensure all audit and accounting requirements are carefully considered.

Zoë will be happy to talk with you about:

  • Audit and accounts
  • Management accounting and bookkeeping · Accounting procedures
  • Software for businesses

something different

How did you come to join the Leathers team?  
I decided it was time to stop going to work in my slippers and eating cake all day at my family’s farm! I wanted a real job and to build a career for myself, and after my first ever job interview, I was offered the job at Leathers.

What is your day to day role at Leathers?  
It’s so wide and varied, I really couldn’t say one thing. The range of client work we undertake changes every day, and it keeps all of us motivated. But I like to keep the momentum going in the office and make sure stuff gets done!

What has been your biggest achievement at Leathers?  
I started life in the outsourcing department but gradually worked my way up to become the manager of the Audit and Accounts department, which is something I’m very proud of. However, considering the fact I didn’t have a degree, it was a huge personal achievement to be the first person in the office without a degree to be given the opportunity to, and subsequently pass, their professional accountancy qualifications.

What makes Leathers such a great place to be a part of? 
We have a young, dynamic, vibrant team (include Michael in that description too!). Despite our relatively young age, we’ve worked together for a long time and we all get on (most of the time). We’re fortunate that we’ve had the opportunity, and have now got the experience, to work on some really interesting and complex projects for our clients. I think it’s because of that the team has been together for so long.

How do you approach accountancy problems? 
We try to deal with things head on, it’s the best way. We’re not scared to have the tough conversations with our clients (or the not so tough ones – conversations that is, not clients!)

What skills from outside of accountancy do you apply to your job? 
I like to think I’m able to apply common sense to most scenarios; sometimes instead of getting wrapped up in too much detail, a higher level view is required to see things from a different perspective. I’ve had a strong work ethic from a young age, helping out the family business where possible and this has been a great asset in my current role.

If you hadn’t worked in finance, what might you have done? 
Superstar DJ

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