Women in Business Webinar

Today we launched our new ‘Women in Business’ webinar series to a collection of successful and inspiring local business women.  The series is set to run quarterly and looks to focus on issues relevant to women at any stage in their professional career.

Our first instalment surrounds the challenges women face in a pandemic world; of which there are sadly too many all familiar trends and questions of self doubt.

How will I fund it? What if it fails? Do I really have the skills I need to succeed? 

Today, we shared experiences of the challenges we had faced, how we recognised them and how we overcame them.  And there were discussions about challenges we are still facing, and expect to face, as we continue on our career journeys. 

The key theme that ran throughout the session though was one of empowerment, and a belief that things could be changed.  A belief that one day we would be able to attend a webinar that simply dealt with ‘business challenges in a pandemic world’; no women pretext needed.

As we take the series forward our focus will move to how to address those challenges and questions women face head on, and remove the barriers that many face. 

We are moving the conversation forward and asking, ‘how can we change the narrative? how can we help?’

At Leathers we have dedicated time, and resource, to meet that challenge as part of our ongoing commitment to business development and making sure that no one’s voice goes unheard. 

We are now taking that commitment one step further and spreading it wide, to link in with other women in the professional network so that we can offer something unrivalled; a toolkit of resources dedicated to the women’s business market.  If we have been there, we will share it with you.  If you do not know where to start, we will guide you in the right direction.

We are here, and we are here to help your business, with the support you need at any stage of its life cycle.

For dedicated financial support from strategic business planning to daily bookkeeping across our offices please reach out to Vicky Baker, Jade Dixon or Lesley Meek in our team who will be happy to help.

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