30 Year Anniversary and Lockdown: Reflections

“When I spoke with Michael about the cancellation of the 30th anniversary charity dinner, I would suggest rueful would best catch the tone” says Ryan Harrison, Partner, “and to be honest given how busy we’ve been we would have struggled (notwithstanding the impact of coronavirus) to find the time to organise ourselves”.

“Michael, for all sorts of reasons, had stepped back slightly from the day to day frontline of Leathers but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t present; in fact, as he would bluntly say himself, where we are now is all about 30 years of preparation for will be the biggest transformation in professional working life.  In some of the things Michael has done there are the smallest hints that he saw this problem coming around the corner”.

Vicky Baker, Audit Director, picking up the theme, says “Rueful is probably an understatement, Michael has provided clear direction in a candid way (“his hallmark approach”) but that has enabled us to stay ahead of the curve; and even now we are planning for next week, next month and three to six months’ time.” 

“Michael gave a presentation to the team in December 2018 setting out what makes Leathers unique and there were five key points: -

People            - We are trusted as a company and individuals

Proactive        - We go above and beyond

Confidence     - In our bulletproof process (we have now put our body armour on!!)

Spaghetti        - We unscramble it and make the complex simple

Quality            - We punch above our weight

All five of these are relevant today, and I know it was with a heavy heart that Michael furloughed our two reception staff – but otherwise the whole team is fully engaged and actively delivering client work”.

Barry James, Tax Manager, being more practical in his comments, interjects and says , “but we have had a learning curve, as work over the last two months has also included us reaching out both to other accountancy firms and businesses where the accountants have simply shut down and furloughed all of the staff.  There is no doubt, we are in a fortunate position; Michael jokes that he is the old man, but his experience has brought a “small” amount of wisdom, which, even in lockdown, has seen us looking to advise on:

  • A sale of a business for c£1.5m
  • Trust and taxation planning
  • New audit assignments

I know that Michael is of the view that the Covid-19 impact will be a long term issue, but we have, as a firm, things to look forward to and celebrate – our 30th anniversary dinner at the end of Michael’s 30th year in 2021 promises to be an even bigger event, and no doubt the charity fundraising target of £30,000 will be increased, probably doubled.

In the meantime, we are going to just carry on doing the simple things that we do, supporting who we can along the way”.

Ryan, Vicky and Barry will be happy to share more of the Leathers story, and can be contacted on:

r.harrison@weareleathers.com / 07970 987848

Trust and Taxation Planning

v.baker@weareleathers.com / 07860 504646

Audit and Accounts

b.james@weareleathers.com / 07764 968274

Corporation and Business Tax

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