London to Paris - Stage 3

The morning after the night before....

Day 3 and the team are making great progress towards Paris.  This time it's 70 miles from Abbeville to Beauvais.  Read Barry's latest blog below and feel free to donate at:

"A few sore heads today after a fun filled evening in the company of Mr Kronenbourg. Back on the bikes and straight into it at 8.30am.

Today, it had been decided, was our chance to get some sightseeing done. Which, for the most part, we did. More incredible scenery, more rolling hills, more sunshine, but a stiff enough breeze to make it fresh.

But the sightseeing wasn’t really on our own terms. Punctures dictated stops and photo opportunities.

First up was Joe, with two in the space of a few miles. The French appear to like lashing gravel on the roads for miles when they can’t be bothered to tarmac it properly. It didn’t agree with Joe’s tyres. Thankfully, after all the punctures she’s had during training, Zoe was on hand to sort it all out. But....she only went and broke a bloody nail! Tears and all sorts ensued (joking Zoe....)

Next up was Heather. Apparently Heather was “literally just thinking how mint it was that she hadn’t had a puncture yet”. Two mins later, pop. This is a little known fact, but Heather’s mind is so powerful, she has the ability to alter reality and shape the future - think of her as a female Uri Geller. Only the other week she said Verne Troyer would die and he did (RIP Verne).

Anyway, punctures aside, today was tough. Accumulated fatigue, and some very tasty gradients on the climbs. Everyone is feeling it tonight, and it’s early nights all round.

I have to say, everyone in Team Leathers, and all the other guys on the ride are doing a fantastic job. Cycling long distances day after day isn’t easy. The drinks in Paris tomorrow night will be well deserved!

Oh, and one last the last feed station, Joe decided to chill out for a bit. As we left the feed station (I say "left", it was like 5 miles down the road) Joe realised he didn’t have his helmet quote Joe: “I thought it was getting a bit breezy on this descent, like”.

Instead of going back and getting it himself, he ordered me and Mike to go and get it, saying he knew some blokes in Wallsend who’d sort us out if we didn’t..... we therefore dutifully trudged back the 10 miles to the feed station to get it.......So if you hear me making helmet jokes to Joe anytime between now and probably 20 years time (he’s never living this one down), you now know why.

Night night everyone, early start tomorrow, got to get into Paris early enough to watch the Royal Wedding....."

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