Little Cycling Storeys - Lanzarote (February 2018)


One of the unfortunate (massive understatement) side effects of my cycle training camp to Lanzarote was being impacted by the violent Atlantic storm that closed Arricife airport and hit other islands in the Canaries - resulting in flying home over a day late and spending most of the ensuing time in the Airport.... Thomas Cook’s Lanzarote team were as a team frankly rubbish, no care, no customer service and whilst one felt some sympathy their communication skills were rubbish to non-existent.

But from a Cycling takeaway perspective watching, sharing in part of the team building undertaken by Storey RT, the learning to work together, using the collective skills, talking to each other on the road, made me realise at Leathers we talk about team but we are..... and it is in being a team and communicating that you succeed.

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