Little Cycling Storeys - Lanzarote (February 2018)

Honouring the Jersey

As part of my training for Cape Epic; I planned for a training bloc in warmer climes.... and as ever the Canary Islands beckoned and I know from earlier conversations that the common place to ride off road is Lanzarote with its sand, gravel, lava gravel and lava rock trails often simultaneously or within bike lengths of each other...... but the added bonus was that I also got to catch up with Sarah and Barney Storey and some of Storey RT. I have to say the girls/ladies are awesome cyclists and I thoroughly got myself kicked on the times I rode with them.

But one of the unexpected pleasures was I was presented with a team jersey to wear whilst riding with them; and it got me to reflect on the phrase”honouring the jersey”...... most often heard as a cyclist pulls on yellow in the tour and raises his game further. I am not a world class cyclist, but with it’s gold lettering showing the sponsors names (including Leathers the accountants) and its distinctive (should make great TV viewing!) pattern it made me absolutely determined to do my best when I wore the jersey.... to raise my game but I also reflected that’s what my team do... they don the jersey, set a gold standard making Leathers and Storey RT such a great “Storey” #Bestversionofyou

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