Leathers the accountants partner Storey Racing for 2018

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Leathers the Accountants are delighted to announce their sponsorship of Storey Racing, being the Women's cycling team launched by Dame Sarah Storey and Barney Storey in 2017. The team aims to provide the very best in racing opportunities and mentoring both for the 12 strong team and for those around them.

Sarah and Barney's philosophy is perhaps best summed up as follows: "Regardless of age, performance level or activity preference being the best you can be is all anyone can ask of you".

Michael Leather, Managing Partner, went further, "Our support extends not just to their team approach, but also we support their outspoken advocacy about cycling, cycling in the community, it's positive health benefits (including Sarah's patronage of the 'Boot out Breast Cancer' campaign) and the mental health benefits that helped us develop a rapport, leading to support across my team and the access it will afford our clients. This relationship has grown since Sarah spoke at our fundraising dinner for William Wates Memorial trust in April last year”.

Barry James, Tax Manager (and avid cyclist) also commented, “It is a fantastic opportunity for us to be supporting Storey Racing and the team here at Leathers are genuinely excited to be involved. What Sarah, Barney and the girls are doing on the bikes in competition, but also off the bikes in the wider community, is an inspiration to us all”.

Michael added, "Whilst no-one raises an eyebrow at support in whatever form for football or rugby; this will allow us to share a unique insight into cycling/cycle races at the highest level and, based on my experience with the team last year, we know that clients/and the team will have access to a truly memorable occasion as part of the involvement in our shared philosophies.

We anticipate that 2018 will be an exciting year!"

 Read all about Sarah, Barney and team on the Storey Racing website: http://storeyracing.cc/

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