Le Loop 2018 - Stage 20: Saint-Pèe-sir- Nivelle to Espelette

Stage 20 was a funny day; not necessarily in a funny way....

We had transferred back to Pau late the previous night to transfer to Saint Pèe in the morning, from Espelette in the afternoon to Biarritz Airport to Charles de Gaulle in the evening for food and then to our hotel! The logistics are at times crazy and all credit must go to Sarah and her team at Ride Le Loop for dealing with c50 hungry and tired cyclists!

As for the TT stage... it had rained (properly) once all Tour and that was stage 19.... well we had rain... as for the stage, 31km is not long but this is definitely snarky with a distinctive bite.... including a 25% section for 400m which in itself provided a couple of comedy moments from other riders-including one rider disappearing into someone’s driveway as they criss-crossed the climb trying to gain height. That was the worst of the ramps but there were others; and being tired and in the rain most riders just got it over with!

But the unanimous consent was this could be a game changing stage even for the pros.

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