Le Loop 2018 - Stage 16: Carcassonne to Bagnères de Luchon - Michael's view

The day will be remembered for more than the cycling; I managed to win the day’s award for cycling stupidity- the frog- before 7am this morning by turning up at the luggage van this morning in shorts and a t- shirt; when asked about my cycling attire... answer- I forgot to change...... the way things are looking it might be the silliest moment of my and a number of other people’s tour!!

After the Fougeres-Chartres stage, about two months ago.... there was an element of nervousness about a day of almost similar length with +4000m ofclimbing.

But it ended up as a stunning day’s cycling with everyone working together to get people up the road and to the climbs.....

The Pyrenees were as seductive as ever inviting you into their midst with treelined beauty and an atmosphere so far removed from the Alps as to be unreal; the gradients today marginally more forgiving than some of the Alpine climbs but the environment so different you wouldn’t either believe the Alps are in the same country or that you were in France.

We weren’t in France all day; and having bounced around my tour sub-story of the nod to WW2 resistance, we departed briefly into Spain and it isn’t hard to imagine the hardship, the subtle escape routes from France to Spain....

Cycling 4 Acts of Stupidity 1..... cycling absolutely won today!

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