Le Loop 2018 - Stage 15: Millau to Carcassonne

Pic de Nore will be a stunning climb to watch the pros race up in a weeks time; and how or why thi sclimb hasn’t been used before on the Tour one will never know!

To me the story of the day goes to two stunning descents; the kind that make you smile taken (in a controlled manner- and I mean that) at speed where every bend contour and nuance of the road is seen with crystal clear vision; there were two of us who rode the day from Feedstop 2 together and in comparison to some riders we aren’t the lightest.. so we called ourselves the fat “people”(not the real word).... the day was a predominately climby day; another 3000m but we made good time until on the final descent Scott had a mechanical.... so we waited for assistance and once sorted sped at c40km into Carcassonne.

That delay was crucial to the maddest craziest city centre ride I have ever been privileged to see... France 4 Croatia 2 and as we hit the city the place erupted and I mean erupted car horns, fire crackers, people leaning out of cars, 8 to a car 6 to a car screaming waving flags, zig zagging through traffic, laughing and joking with the passengers and drivers of the cars-strangely I felt quite safe..... there was a party atmosphere at dinner. A combination of a Frech win and a rest day perhaps?

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