Le Loop 2018 - Stage 10: Annecy - Le Grand-Bornand

5 categorised climbs and 1 un-categorised climb; I had worked out what this blog was going to be about before the Cat 4 Col de Buffy; revised it by the Col de Croix de Fey and on the climb up to the Plateau de Glières revised it again.

The plateau de Glières includes a monument to the Maquis; the French resistance fighters in WW2 and to me, you had a real sense of the history of the area and it’s pivotal nature in that period.

I can save drafts 1 and 2 for another day; they were generic, in addition I don’t want the blog to be about the max gradient of 23% on the Glières or the often constant gradient of 15%, and the constant demands of that climb or about the 12,14,16% on the Col de Romme- when in my head it was 5-6% (obviously not).

The highlight today was simply about the majesty and the beauty of the day; the roll out around the flat calm Annecy lake; as we watched two hot air balloons, the clear fresh alpine air, and for all the brutality of the Glières climb- it was simply stunning and the Alps rightly took their place as a place to be not just for cycling but as a stunning backdrop- I hesitate to say that I enjoyed the Glières; the setting yes. But as a day........ a real “Ride Le Loop” classic, chapeau.

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