Cape Epic - What's the Storey?

Six years ago I was fortunate enough to be in South Africa; staying in Franschhoek, when Hot Chilli launched their test event for Cape Rouleur. A case of right place right time but it gave me an opportunity to meet Karl Platt, and hear first hand about Cape Epic.

And the easiest way to describe this event is that to me, Cape Epic is to South Africa what the Tour de France is to France and by the same token, Karl has that legendary status of a Tour winner having won Cape Epic five times...... And whilst I would say that I am a 'roadie' certainly in the winter months I will train on my MTB; and often if I just want to chill I will ride on my MTB. I tried about three years ago to enter Cape Epic but couldn't persuade anyone to be in a pair.... So after that initial exposure it has remained on my bucket list.

I am in no doubt it will be tough, however much I enjoy riding my MTB, the levels of concentration, the physical and mental demands can be far greater as a consequence of the terrain.... In my favour is I have experience of multi day events (having twice undertaken the full Tour de France route- by way of Tour de Force)... And already I was training for a third Tour trip.

My entry sadly came about for unfortunate reasons, Verity's ride partner Maxine had to drop out with a back injury in January, and after a chat I threw both my hat (and everything else in the ring)...... So key highlights:

- 7kg weight loss to get in shape

- Couple of intensive technical sessions at Whinlatter and Cannock Chase

- Training camp in Lanzarote (on and off road) shared with Storey RT; whom we sponsor.

So I am typing this with four days to go; Garry Palmer, my coach, and I had had a discussion about finding a mini multi-stage event as preparation for "Ride Le Loop" (the new ASO backed name for Tour de Force) but never in my wildest dreams did I think this, Cape Epic, would be it.

Am I scared/nervous: I'd be lying if I said no!

Am I excited: Yes

Am I prepared: I'd like to think so.........

We ride as #TeamLeatherApples, you will be able to follow our progress on the Cape Epic website:

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