Cape Epic - Stage 5

The day race ended!

Yesterday was time trial day: 39km, 1800m of climbing... cut off time 4 hrs 15 min. Temperature into the mid 30’s.

I have no benchmark to compare the level of climbing to, most people when they hear of a time trial think of a flat road section and a short intense effort- all I can say it is as far away from that as it can possibly be!

The climbing was intense; yes I was tired; everyone, and that will include the Pros, will have hurt..... up can be testing; down the margin for error very small.

Simply put, I got to the top looked down and thought.... ironically those minutes where I collected myself were how I missed cut off; but also those minutes were I collected myself could have been why and how I stayed safe and came so close!

Yes I missed cut off by 3 minutes 39 seconds; my number was withdrawn- I could have simply ridden on: as a blue board rider but my body is hurting, I have various cuts and bruises (but so have a lot more than me and worse too).

But what has been fantastic has been the support for what I have physically achieved: I committed to doing this 8 weeks ago (and based on what I know now, I had v limited MTB experience more trail riding than anything else) but riders here have spoken to me and said they simply can’t believe what I have achieved and that I should be proud of myself.

I asked this morning at the Race office when I could enter for 2019!

And since I saw The Darkest Hour I have wanted to quote this quote by Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” and perhaps that sums up why even though I failed I feel like I succeeded!

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