Cape Epic - Stage 3

A day of three thirds

It was drizzling this morning as we packed our things at Robertson; my legs weren’t empty they just didn’t really seem to start; and with both the climb up to Pieter’s Express and then the long trudging climb that followed with the majority of the field on foot on a very narrow and steep single track...

I simply can’t remember the trails from water point 1 to the first feed station but after that through Porcupine trap and to the feed station at the base of Penn Hill We seemed to make progress but I vaguely remember thinking we need to get a move on “if it’s taken this long to here what is it going to take”....

But that feed station was just nice.. we rode out of there onto District road, uphill but my kinda gradient and we were off... I really enjoyed (!) the climb up Penn Hill partly because we had created space on the road and from then on we seemed to eat the kms.

“Choose your own adventure” was technical but enjoyable it flowed; more tar and district roads helped our speed..... over the dam by Worcester and into the finish.

A good day; hopefully won’t bite me tomorrow but tomorrow’s always another day!

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