Cape Epic - Stage 2

A FAR better day at the Office

There is nothing about Cape Epic that is easy, but it is the same for everybody you simply get on with it.

Stage 2 can best be described as meandering but in a testing and complex way, when you thought you might go downhill you went up and then up a bit more and more!

A bit like queuing at Disney for a ride just as you think you are there you find you turn away and queue a different way!!

Climbing, sand rock more like the terrain in Lanzarote but harder; gradients that until now would have defied description until you ride them... it was hot today the sand almost seemingly holding the heat of the day... but incident free which helped and another stage in the bag. For the avoidance of doubt perhaps better description tough v tough but incident free.

Was treated to Verity singing today; whilst riding through a section where I just simply wanted to get through it..... it did make me smile (inside)!

It is really good to know people at home are following this; thanks.... one of the team sent me a picture of the Tracker page on an office computer I smiled ( didn’t require me to move any other muscle)

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