Cape Epic - Prologue

Prologue done c1.20... official time to be confirmed.... thoughts and highlights..... Plum Pudding was mad.... but Verity’s downhill skills provide a really good line to ride; and as a consequence she inspires confidence.... really simply can’t at one level believe what I have ridden; at another level intensive training sessions have paid off.

Had an off on the first single track- simply lost traction... but all good....

Working backwards though a stressful start to the day when our transfer bus was on “South African” time not “we need to be there time” but support from other riders with our bags saw us on the start line on time.....

That was after a stressful Friday; tired and riding out- my dropper failed but superb support from the local specialised store; saw everything finally resolved on Saturday!

Good job really I needed that dropper on Plum Pudding!!

But sitting here in the Chill Zone Plum Pudding in the bank; awesome sense of achievement as you ride up to Deadmans Tree with the crowds clapping and shouting you on- my daughter “Verity” ride strong.... been asked again today are we father/daughter combo..... need to get my real daughters on bikes but they are resisting so perhaps Father/Son- a true Leathers team!

Amazing atmosphere with the TV coverage; watching pros do the Prologue.

Plum Pudding Descent:

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