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UK Residence Advice

We were recommended through an existing client to assist an individual who wanted clarity in respect of his residency status for UK tax purposes.

The individual was internationally mobile whose time was spent travelling to various different countries including frequent visits to the UK.

The individual was aware that his time spent in the UK may result in him being deemed UK resident for tax purposes but, given the complexity of his affairs, required formal advice to understand his UK tax residency position and consider any further action which was required.

We were able to use our technical expertise to provide clear and practical advice to the individual, clarifying his UK residency status and helping the individual understand how his UK residency status may be affected in future years.

This allowed the individual to make clear decisions about his affairs such that he could mitigate substantial exposure to UK tax.

Ryan Harrison used his expertise and experience to provide useful, practical advice to the individual.

Jonathan Carr provided technical assistance, where required.

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